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Aug. 06, 2021


HGMC fully automatic 10,000 tons(annual) craft brewery was put into operation

HGMC fully automatic craft brewery with an annual output of 10,000 tons was put into operation。

The scope of the project includes: production workshops, auxiliary workshops, power facilities, water supply and drainage facilities, and plant-wide facilities. Production workshop: wheat workshop, saccharification workshop, fermentation workshop. Auxiliary workshops: raw material pretreatment workshop, filtration workshop, filling workshop, warehouse. Power facilities: substation, boiler room, refrigerating machine room. Water supply facilities: pools, cooling towers, etc. Plant-wide facilities: offices, canteens, infirmaries, bathrooms, toilets, carports, walls, gates, communication rooms, and green areas.

HGMC 10000 tons brewery
HGMC 10000 tons brewery plant
an annual output of 10,000 tons brewery factory