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Jun. 17, 2023


Breaking News! HGMC introduces new equipment to help new "intelligence" manufacturing

Since the beginning of this year, HGMC has not only consolidated its market position, but also continuously improved its production capacity and expanded its production scale while not letting go of product quality. At the beginning of May, HGMC Company added advanced production equipment - a fully automatic high-power laser cutting machine and a large-area laser welding machine, actively seizing the market high ground and improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

The newly introduced cutting machine not only has stable machine tool performance and high dynamic cutting characteristics, but also is equipped with the most advanced cutting technology, providing a safer and more reliable process guarantee. It can quickly and accurately complete complex processing tasks. The introduction of the new equipment has improved production efficiency and work efficiency, effectively shortened the production cycle, and greatly improved product quality.

HGMC factory

HGMC factory

Walking into the HGMC beer equipment production workshop, the newly introduced equipment is undergoing trial operation, and the staff are busy with the final debugging of the new equipment.

In terms of processing quality, the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning of the equipment are very accurate. The laser cutting machine uses the characteristics of laser non-contact processing, which does not damage the workpiece. The cut products have no extrusion deformation, good product quality, no burrs, and no manual polishing is required. Especially in terms of appearance quality, it can have an immediate effect. The arc transition chamfering of the parts highlights the exquisite part production and demonstrates the simple and unpretentious HGMC quality charm. It also ensures the tolerance precision of the company's equipment components and shows customers the quality of HGMC's smart manufacturing.

HGMC factory

As a substitute for the "shearing-punching" process, laser cutting technology has the characteristics of precision, flexibility, and high efficiency, and can effectively process various complex parts. Just prepare the cutting graphics and import them into the control system. You can set the size for cutting, with high accuracy, which helps to directly shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle and effectively improve labor productivity.

HGMC factory

As the saying goes, if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. Equipment is a basic symbol of enterprise scale and modernization level. Intelligent manufacturing, as a new generation of production methods, is the only way for enterprises to create new core competitiveness.

The management team of HGMC Company stated that the investment in new equipment this time will help improve the company's competitiveness and market share. The addition of new equipment will provide customers with higher quality products and faster delivery speeds, enabling us to better meet customer needs. At the same time, this also reflects the company's consistent pursuit of excellent quality and continuous innovation.

HGMC factory

As a production enterprise specializing in serving the global bio-fermentation industry equipment, HGMC has more than 20 years of rich experience in the fields of biotechnology, beer (beverage) brewing, and filling equipment, and is a professional manufacturer of turnkey projects for breweries and high-end craft brewing equipment! Always committed to providing the best products and services, with a professional technical team and efficient production lines, providing customers with customized solutions. At the same time, HGMC has always adhered to the core values of "customer first, innovative development". Committed to providing the highest-end equipment and the most reassuring services for global customers.

As the company continues to expand its scale and business, the investment in new equipment this time marks that the company has further strengthened its production capacity and better met customer needs. We believe that through continuous investment and innovation, HGMC Company will continue to maintain its leading position in the industry, lead industry development with ingenuity, and drive industry progress!

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