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Sep. 18, 2021


HG 10,000-ton beer brewing equipment was put into operation in Qingdao

Shandong HG Equipment Co., LTD. 's research and production of 10,000 tons of beer brewing equipment project has been delivered to Qingdao Weiwo Company.  
In a century of infiltration, the beer culture has penetrated into the texture of Qingdao culture.  Qingdao Weiwo brewery is a Qingdao beer brand founded by several beer lovers.  They believe that the taste of beer is closely related to the brewing equipment.  Before this, Qingdao Weiwo Company has been looking for high-quality beer brewing equipment factories, after the understanding and investigation of domestic and foreign beer brewing equipment factories found our HG company.  
The equipment has been installed and is running smoothly.  Customers are highly satisfied with HG equipment.  Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of HG Company. 

HGMC Beer equipment
HGMC brewery equipment