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30000L(30T) Fermentation Tank

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30000L(30T) Fermentation Tank

30000L(30T) Fermentation Tank
SUS 304 Butterfly ValveSUS 304 Butterfly Valve
30000L(30T) Fermentation Tank SUS 304 Butterfly Valve Flange

30000L(30T) Fermentation Tank is a Modular cylindrically-conical tank consist of a base tank (BT) and expansion accessories (valves, fittings, armatures, tools …) By choosing and using various types of expansion accessories, it is possible to assemble the tank in several configurations that are optimal for the desired part of the production process.



Our tanks are designed to promote optimal fermentation and/or carbonation.

  • Made of stainless food steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • Standardized dimensions and equipment, or according to individual customer requirements
  • Classic design, PUR insulation, double stainless steel jacket, water (or glycol) cooling duplicators
  • Accurate temperature control and reliable CIP are requirements to ensure a quality finished product
  • Fermenters offered with side rotating racking arms or standpipe design plus hop ports.
  • An extra tri-clamp fitting can be added for a carbonation stone if desired.
  • Cone angles can be changed to suit customer requirements.
  • Adjustable pressure valve for controlled fermentation – Overpressure setting mechanism with a glycerine manometer
  • PUR insulation – polyurethane insulation with thickness according to the size of the tank and the target environment
  • Guaranteed inner surface roughness : Ra < 0.8 μm or less (grinded surfaces) / Ra < 0.5 μm or less (polished surfaces), according to customer´s requirement
  • Service door (manhole) on the top cone or on cylinder part, according to customer requirements
  • Pure-beverage output armature with a butterfly valve for pure beverage (beer, wine, cider) output
  • Thermometer socket – welded socket for inserting of thermosensor or thermometer
  • Manometer – It is included in the set of the adjustable pressure valve. Made of stainless steel, with glycerine inside.
  • Filling level indicator – Sanitizable glass or plastic pipe for visualisation height level of the beverage product in the tank


Model HG-FJ-30000L
Capacity Useful capacity: 50000L
Material SUS304
Application Large brewery
Cooling method Jacket section cooling
Thickness Inner: 3.0mm; External2.0mm
Test pressure 0.3Mpa
Working pressure 0.2Mpa


Item Production capacity Volume in US Gallon Heating area Tank diameter Height
HG-500 500L/day 132 US Gallon 1.8m2 1160mm 2300mm
HG-5BBL 5BBL/day 155 US Gallon 1.9m2 1200mm 2350mm
HG-600 600L/day 158 US Gallon 2.0m2 1220mm 2350mm
HG-700 700L/day 185 US Gallon 2.4m2 1260mm 2380mm
HG-800 800L/day 212 US Gallon 2.5m2 1260mm 2400mm
HG-7BBL 7BBL/day 216 US Gallon 2.5m2 1280mm 2450mm
HG-1000 1000L/day 264 US Gallon 2.6m2 1360mm 2500mm
HG-10BBL 10BBL/day 310 US Gallon 2.8m2 1460mm 2700mm
HG-1500 1500L/day 396 US Gallon 3.2m2 1520mm 2900mm
HG-2000 2000L/day 528 US Gallon 3.6m2 1560mm 2850mm
HG-2500 2500L/day 660 US Gallon 3.8m2 1650mm 3200mm
HG-3000 3000L/day 792 US Gallon 4.5m2 1760mm 3800mm
HG-4000 4000L/day 1057 US Gallon 4.9m2 1900mm 4100mm
HG-5000 5000L/day 1320 US Gallon 7.2m2 1960mm 4400mm


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